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Iit Rapid 600 Three D Printer

IIT Rapid 600 3D Printer

IIT Rapid 600 3D Printer

Rapid 600 printers are used because of their ability to produce highly-detailed models with exceptional aesthetic qualities. Either you want a print for presentation, demonstration or photo reproduction; this will surely help you to get exceptional printing option.

Technical specifications :

Print principleSLA
Curing PrincipleLCD on below, building from the bottom to top
Build volume576*324*580 mm
XY resolution50/37 micron (adjustable)
Z resolution (layer height)100/50 micron (adjustable)
DPI169/254/339 DPI (adjustable)
Building speed1500 G/H
Building materialLiquid resin
Building temperature18-28 oC
Relative humidity< 52%
Equipment weight150 Kg
Power requirement220 V (4A)
Operation languageChinese / English
Input file formatSTL.SLC

Features :

Applications :

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Purpose of Requirement:

Reselling End Use Raw Material


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