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3D Printer for Speciality Materials

IIT Rapid 300 3D Printer

IIT Rapid 300 3D Printer

Rapid 300 printers are ideal for printing small, detailed and even intricate models. This helps you to receive precision and un achievable resolution when uses with other printers. It is designed with diode pump solid-state laser that makes it ideal for printing the objects.

Technical specifications :

Print principleSLA
Curing PrincipleLCD on below, building from the bottom to top
Build volume288*162*280 mm
XY resolution25 / 19 micron (adjustable)
Z resolution (layer height)38 / 100 micron (adjustable)
Building speed600 G/H
Building materialLiquid resin
Building temperature18-28 oC
Relative humidity< 52%
Equipment weight90 Kg
Power requirement220 V (4A)
Operation languageChinese / English
Input file formatSTL.SLC

Features :

Applications :

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Purpose of Requirement:

Reselling End Use Raw Material


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